Unfortunate and perhaps overly angst-ridden revelations, from Upma

I really do not like half the people I have been friends with for the past four years. At first, I accounted this on behalf of my horrible nature but goodness, I am actually disgusted at the nauseatingly narcissistic behavior some of these individuals have. Any respect that remained in these relationships is slowly perishing to a degree where I am actually content with my recent solidarity.

True, I miss school and being walking distance from people that I otherwise am in little to content with during these next few months; however, there is a limited number of individuals here at home that I have the patience to tolerate and [thankfully] remain friends with. Maybe this is an off evening for me: an incredibly, frustratingly “off” evening. The most unfortunate [or surprisingly lucky and exciting] aspect of this entire revelation is that I am still far too naive to understand that such friends, acquaintances, persons will frequently float in and out of my life. “Things change, friends leave, and life doesn’t stop for anybody.” So perhaps putting an optimistic spin on things, this is the beginning. The people I graciously referred to as “friends,” although distant now, have made me into the person I am today. To spare you of any further cheesy commentary, I suppose I can only remain contrastingly eager and patient for the Great Perhaps that I [still] seek. 

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